Friday, June 8, 2012

government issue

Not too long ago I drove out to Cumming, GA to visit my beloved relatives.  My cousin Eric Chunn lives out there.  Erick and I spent a lot of our childhood together.  We shared a lot in common.  We liked G.I. Joes.  We liked little green army men.  We liked army comics Erick favored Sgt. Rock.  I favored Sgt. Fury. We liked watching army movies and army t.v. shows.  We liked guns.  We liked grenades. We liked playing army.  One of our favorite places to go shopping was the Little Army Store that was located on Broad Street in Downtown Gadsden.  It was always a real treat to go to an army surplus store.  It was a bigger treat to have some money in our pockets to spend at an army surplus store.  When we were kids, we liked to buy real G.I. supplies for our backyard battles.

During my visit to Cumming, Eric asked me if I'd like to go to a genuine army surplus store that was in the area.  Most surplus stores theses days are stocked mostly with hunting equipment.  The establishment Eric took me to is the real deal.  The Military Depot even had that old war surplus smell that took me back to my gallant youth.