Monday, May 24, 2010

a beautiful tan....

Do you remember when tans were not only cool, but good for you?  To be a young woman in our day, you probably wanted to look like this.  In this advertisement, Coppertone promised a "Beautiful Tan Today.  Young looking skin tomorrow" Is there something wrong with this picture?

I wonder where this woman is today.  Is she still living?  If she survived the malignant melanoma, what does she look like today?  Did Coppertone keep her skin young looking?   And what of the little naked butt Coppertone girl?  If she survived all those dark tanned Summers - what do you think she would look like today

But who am I kidding?  Women are still being sold the same bill of goods.  A tan is sexy!  A tan is beautiful!  But at what cost?  Let the buyer beware!  Let the consumer smarten-up!  No matter what the ointment the billboards sell you - there is no such thing as safe tanning.  Young looking skin tomorrow?  

WOW - SHE'S HOT & SEXY!   Do you think the leather bag lady pictured here used suntan lotion?  ALL tans represent damage to the skin.  A tan is the body's attempt to defend itself against violent ultra-violet rays.  If you want to get your Vitamin D on - get it from diet - not directly from the sun.

Now, go enjoy Summer - and try to learn to enjoy it under some shade.
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