Monday, October 4, 2010

when men wore hats

When I was a kid, men wore hats.  Actually, women wore hats too.  My dad had lots of hats in his closet.  I like hats.  I have lots of hats too.

Before the mid-1960s almost no man would venture out in public without wearing a hat.  I once was told that it was John F. Kennedy that put an unwitting stop to it.  I heard that Kennedy didn't like to wear hats and so men started leaving their houses with naked heads.  I have also read that it was probably a coincidence...that Kennedy was also following a hat-less trend.  Sean Connery wore a hat as James Bond in Dr. No, but soon left it in his closet for following missions.  So what happened to the hat?

I do know that I am sorry that it happened.  I like the  fedora.   I liked it when men once considered hats as a necessary accessory.  Hats are both functional and stylish.
The weather turned cool this past weekend.  I pulled my Stetson from my studio wall hook.  My bald dome needs cover  during the colder months.  I went for my fedora.  Gina gave me my stylish Stetson the Christmas before last.  It replaced my tattered old fedora that I had worn since 1988.  The old hat is just too old and has shrunk...or my head has grown.  It's now wall decoration.

I guess I am old school.  I'll always have a fedora or two on my hat rack.  I'll keep wearing them.

"Cock your hat - angles are attitudes."
- Frank Sinatra
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