Friday, September 16, 2011

free love

Youthful idiots from the Summer of Love embraced and flaunted 'free love'.  It was a term we heard a lot back in the day.  By the time the eighties got here, the HIV virus put nails into the coffin of that sexual liberating concept.  There suddenly became a fright filled silence as free loving boomers realized that they might have already had intercourse with death.  The disease could remain latent for up to ten years.  Young people in their sexual prime began dropping like flower petals in the wind.  Who was going to be next?

All of a sudden the world realized that free love had a high price.  Those previously promiscuous boomers got real nervous as they were forced to endure free love's consequence.  They started seeing the benefits in abstinence and monogamy.  Embracing naked strangers quickly turned to distrusting willing strangers.  The season of free love finally changed.  Summer was over - and every one started feeling the chill.
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