Tuesday, November 20, 2012


James Garner had been around long before I became a fan.  I didn't watch Maverick much as a kid.  I loved the movie Great Escape, but my eyes were on Steve McQueen and his great motorcycle stunts rather than Jimmy.  It wasn't until Rockford Files came along that I really took notice.  Television in the seventies was over saturated with cop/detective shows.  This show stood out because of Rockford's down to earth demeanor and wit.  Sharp writing and an excellent cast...still one of my all time favorite television series.   

Ever since Rockford Files, I have since watched just about everything Garner's done.  It's not that all his movies are great, I just like seeing him at work.  Maybe the reason I had overlooked him was because I just never cared much for the pretty boys.  There have been so many of them.  I had categorized James Garner as a great face more than great talent.  I was wrong.  It wasn't until Rockford Files that I truly saw the guy's talent.  In a 1973 interview, John Wayne said that James Garner is the best American actor. 
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