Friday, June 14, 2013

fathers and son

Last night I went to the midnight showing of The Man of Steel for Katie's 17th birthday.  I really wasn't thinking it was going to be much to see.  The Superman story has been told.  I usually read a review or two before going to a movie.  I usually watch a trailer to make sure I'm not wasting money when going to the movies, but I was just disinterested.  Gina had already gone by the theater earlier in the week and bought the tickets. We were going to see Superman.

I'm getting tired of reboots.  I was hoping that the origin of Superman wouldn't be retold like the previous Superman movies have done, like Spiderman, and Batman.  Someone told me before the movie started that this movie was also going to reintroduce Superman, do the origin thing all over again. Oh well...on with the show.

No spoilers here.  I just want to write a little how much I enjoyed this movie - origin and all.  The Man of Steel surpasses all previous Superman movies.  It was a great story, a great retelling.  I can't think of a weak element or moment within it.  The story of General Zod was entertaining.  There was plenty of action of super-beings battling it out.  My favorite element of this movie wasn't the action.

My favorite element of The Man of Steel is the relationship between Kal-El and his earth-born father Johnathan Kent.  Though Superman's natural-born father Jor-El saves his son from Krypton's demise, it was Johnathan Kent that teaches young Kal-El in the way he should go...instilled within the boy a moral compass.  If it were not for Johnathan Kent, Jor-El's hope might not have come to fruition.  
In a way, Kevin Costner's role of Johnathan Kent stole the show. There is more depth and heart to this than any preceding Superman movie.  Great movie.

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