Friday, March 7, 2014

more than 86

Don Adams was a comedian who started his career doing stand-up.  He's most known for his roll as Agent 86, Maxwell Smart on Mel Brook's and Buck Henry's Get Smart. Don was a funny guy who experienced a great deal of success with his bumbling wry-voiced secret agent character, but ended up being tied to it for life.  After the show he continued to work doing stand-up, voice over, and guests appearances on television shows.  He wanted to move on to dramatic rolls but he was stuck with Smart.  I know Adams would've done great with other type rolls as other comedians have since.  Nevertheless, Don had a successful career and has a place in television history as well as our collective memories.

Here's some more about Don Adams to add to your memories. I had read a while back that Don Adams was once a United States Marine Drill Instructor. Would you believe that he saw combat on Gualdalcanal and was the lone survivor of his entire platoon?  He nearly died after contracting blackwater fever and was hospitalized for over a year.

It wasn't until after his ordeals that he became a Marine Corps DI.  It's hard to picture this funny fellow serving in such a serious roll in life.  It would've been interesting to know how his sense of humor played a part in his wartime experience.  I know his story is larger than he ever let on.  Don is like countless other men who volunteered to serve and sacrifice ~ who return to civilian life to pursue their happiness without saying much about their experience.

Don Adams was definitely more than Maxwell Smart.

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