Monday, August 30, 2010

harvest gold will not fade away

a Googled image that isn't my kitchen

I'm in the process of renovating our kitchen - on a shoe string budge.  Our house was built in the early to mid 1970's.  The kitchen is the only room left that screams out 1970's.  Yesterday my pal Jose' came over and helped me rip out the chipping the harvest gold tile and the failed particle board subfloor.

We have plans to repaint, re-tile, and re-counter this old kitchen. When the sawdust settles, we hope to have a more traditional kitchen.  Unfortunately, the harvest gold range-top, range hood, and double oven will have to remain.  It would cost a good bit to replace these ugly old appliances.  They are in perfect working order, and can not find justification in discarding them just because of their dated color.

I didn't like avocado green or harvest gold even when I was living through the seventies.  The faddish colors and sought after appliance colors quickly became dated.  

Gina and I moved into our home a little over fourteen years ago.  We have been replacing appliances as they die.  Frankly, I don't think our oven or range-top will die in the near future.  Any appliance repairman can tell you that the old stuff is the good stuff.  Most of the new stuff isn't made to be the decade to decade time machines like those our mom's used when we were growing up.  If you buy a fridge, you hope and pray it will give you ten years of service. 

Over the years we've replaced the harvest gold fridge, trash compactor, sink, and dish washer.  Now that the ugly gold tile is gone, we have only three items left from our kitchen's original harvest gold glory.  It's a catch 22.  I would like to see these appliances go away, but I can not afford to replace them.  The color repulses me, but I need them.
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