Thursday, April 28, 2011

old man...

I know there was a lot of rebellion going on in the 60's.  I remember the clarion of my generation, "Never trust anyone over 30".  Who ever said it was an idiot.  The old men that I knew in my life were good men.  They were the men who towered over me smiling down at church.  It was the old man over 30, my Scout Master Milton Smitherman and the rest of the men volunteers who accompanied our outings who led us and urged us to live out the motto and creed.  I knew great old men who were my neighbors.  Mr. E.N. (Bud) Lawley is the first to come to mind.   So many good men.  My dad was a good man who could be trusted.  All the God fearing men who were his friends were all great individuals.  I could name so many of them.

Frankly, I don't know what those young idiots were talking about back then.  They were rebelling against good men who were born into a depression, endured hard times, survived wars, came home to raise their families.  These were men who you could count on, men who could be trusted.  These old men I knew were born from adversity, brothers born for adversity.  Such men made great husbands, great fathers, and great role models.

So much for those colorful clowns who spent their youth turning on, tuning in, and dropping out.  They look so small in comparison.  Most of those old men are gone now.  Just know that it was all these un-hip old men that are and still my heroes.  Thanks.
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