Wednesday, July 13, 2011

andrew's gold

Andrew Gold: 8/ 2/1951 – 06/3/2011
Years ago Brook and I took a trip down to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to see a Linda Ronstadt concert.  The trip itself ended up being a venture because Brooks bug broke a belt on I-59 before we even got to Steele, AL.  I wasn't sure we were going to make it, but after hitching a ride, finding a belt, and an old high school friend - we got there in time

I had been to oodles of Jesus Music concerts by that time, but never anyone that I liked from a secular label.  This was a first concert of many for me.  I remembered asking Brook what that strange smelling smoke wafting up from a few rows down from us.  "It's pot David."  I was one innocent teenage.  "Oh?" I replied, "So that's what that $*@+ smells like."


Well, Linda came out and the audience went wild.  Brook pointed out a fellow to me.  There was this young slim redheaded musician playing lead.  He said, "That's Andrew Gold!"  It was the first time I ever heard his name.  Andrew's lead work was very unique - had a Beatle-esque feel to it.  Andrew once said that his musical influence were The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Byrds.

I have only owned a few Linda Ronstadt albums, Heart Like A Wheel and Hasten Down The Wind. As for Andrew Gold, I ended up owning a lot of his music.   He became one of my major influences.  Most people may not remember him, but they'll remember the songs 'Lonely Boy' and 'Thank You For Being A Friend'
.  The later was used as the theme for the television show Golden Girls.  The 'Final Frontier' was another song of his that was the theme of the 90's sitcom Mad About You.

Andrew Gold is a fellow that produced albums without a weak cut.  In fact, though I like Lonely Boy and Thank You For Being A Friend, they weren't necessarily my favorites from his albums.  If Lonely Boy and Thank You For Being A Friend are the only songs you're familiar with - I suggest you go pick up four albums.  Andrew Gold (75),  What's Wrong With This Picture (76)  All This And Heaven Too (78)  Whirlwind (79).  Andrew also did some great recording with  BRYNDLE  (Karla Bonoff, Kenny Edwards and Wendy Waldman).  There's a greatest hits album of Andrew's you can pick up called 'Thank You For Being A Friend', but I encourage you to go to the old recordings and pick out your own favorites.

Andrew Gold was one of the best.  You will be missed.
Andrew Gold, Singer and songwriter dies at 59

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