Thursday, March 22, 2012

the bewitching mother in-law

 Agnes Moorehead never regretted her role in the popular television show Bewitched.  It's the role that she is most remembered for by our generation.  She was a veteran of stage, radio and silver screen, one of  the famous (along with Orson Welles and Joseph Cotton)  Mercury Players.   She rarely played leading roles. She was a self-proclaimed character actress, enjoyed playing diverse supporting roles.  Orson Welles once said of Agnes, "Give her the part - she can play anything."
Agnes saw nothing wrong in playing a witch in a television sitcom.  She was a devout Christian, the daughter of a Presbyterian minister.  As a child she loved impersonating parishioners of her father's church and would stay in character for days.  Dick Sargent (who played the 2nd Darrin Stephens) recalled Agnes arriving to the Bewitched set carrying a script in one hand and her Bible in the other.

Agnes Moorehead died of cancer a few years after Bewitched was canceled
It was believed that she contracted cancer while working on the set of Howard Hughes' The Conqueror.
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