Tuesday, May 1, 2012

your Father knows best

A lot of folks have criticized old family television shows like Father Knows Best.  Personally, I enjoy watching it.  Though most of the actors had their personal flaws - the family unit portrayed in these shows reflected a lot of love and adoration for each other.  I guess you could say that the show reflected a high standard of sorts for fathers and families everywhere.

Jim Anderson was a wise and commonsensical father that everyone in his household could count upon.  He was the kind of dad that once took on the paper route on a rainy day when Bud was ill.  So Jim Anderson not only offered advice in a loving manner - but he illustrated his love with daily sacrifice. 

I sat at the breakfast table this morning and found myself calling my daughter 'Kitten' - like Jim used to call his youngest TV daughter.  Kelsey smiled and nestled into my shoulder for a hug.  Kelsey liked the reference, but had never seen the show.

As a father I know I am not perfect or as wise as that TV dad of long ago, but I'd like to be.  I want my kids to always feel as if they can come to me when there's trouble or in need a hug.  I know no dad is perfect - but we should do our very best to be.

I believe that we as fathers are training wheels for our ever wise and truly perfect Heavenly Father.  I hope that when I am gone, my children will always run to Him in times of trouble - and when they need some loving attention.  As men, we are flawed, but this doesn't mean that it's impossible to pursue wisdom and goodness with our lives.  We too have a Father who knows best and who can help us be good dads.

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