Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Adventures of...

Jonny Quest! Hanna-Barbera were the the ones that introduced limited animation which was a technique to  cut corners to meet the budgetary demands of television. HB made oodles of cartoon shows, but The Adventures of Jonny Quest stands out as their best.  A show like this simply could not be made today.  The bad guys would DIE in this cartoon.  Producers wanted this show to be as action packed as a 007 movie.  Dr. Quest and his bodyguard killed bad guys with explosives, bazookas, machine guns and lasers.  They destroy evil monsters that were pretty scary for us kids back in the day.  I remember watching that large mechanical spider on the move for the first time and I had goosebumps!

By the time the early seventies rolled around, some namby-pamby watch group took Jonny Quest edited the shows content for violence, depictions of deadly weapons, scary monsters and tense moments.  Gee-Whiz Wally, they took out all the good stuff.  Not to worry though, the show still lives on in all it's uncut glory.  There are still people out there that believe that the original Jonny Quest is too violent for kids today.

There just hasn't been a show like it before or since.  I loved how the The Adventures of Jonny Quest used rich colors and deep shadows.  The incredible musical scores, the sound effects and storyline made up for the limited animation.  The original Adventures of Jonny Quest was full tilt forward!

Back in the eighties and later in the nineties, Jonny Quest was reincarnated, but they were NOTHING like the classic original.  Each episode was a thrilling adventure for my young mind.  I loved it back in the day when cartoons weren't politically correct.  Here's a show that they'll never do again.

P.S. I enjoy the outro more than the intro to this show.  I always loved it when those frogmen in the boat buy it.

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