Monday, January 14, 2013

Toy Story ReDux

Once upon a time there were these two kids that loved the movie Toy Story (1995) so much that they decided to remake it, not with computer generated animation, but with real toys.  They started back in 2010, using the soundtrack of the original movie and acting it out with toys (on strings) and real people.  It's a shot for shot remake of the original movie.

I remember thinking when I first saw Toy Story that it would've been neat if they had used real people to portray the non-toy characters in the story.  In Toy Story, the toys looked so real, that I thought it would've been better for the people to be real.  Well, this project gave me a taste of what it might've been like.

Along with their YouTube release of Toy Story, they also recreated the touching ending of Toy Story 3.

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