Sunday, March 24, 2013

a childhood favorite

One big highlight of a Finlayson family vacation was stopping by an A&W.  We didn't have one in our neck of the woods, so it was a real treat for the Finlayson kids to get a burger and a root beer at a drive-through along the way to visit relatives in Columbia, SC or Macon, GA.  We had our choice of a Papa, Mama, Teen or Baby Burgers.  On one visit, Dad actually splurged and let us get our root beer in a glass mug.  Those mugs disappeared a long time ago, but I've found a few here and there in antique as well as second hand stores.  Having these old mugs remind me of our family trips together ~ a family of eight crammed into a single station-wagon for hours upon hours.

Unknown family enjoying A&W together.
About four years ago the one in Trussville, AL was closed.  Just prior to it's closing,  I had taken Katie there and let her try her first root beer float with a side of onion rings.  She was all about that.  The one in Jacksonville, AL closed a while back too.  I'm going to make sure the next time I come across one in my travels, to pull over and enjoy a burger and a root beer in a frosted mug.
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