Saturday, March 30, 2013

RoboCop Remake?

Back in 1987 Orion Pictures released a very good sci-fi flick.  It was really a great concept.  Alex Murphy, played by Peter Weller, is a police officer that was killed in the line of duty.  A bunch of scientist decided they could rebuild him...they had the brains...they had the technology.  Murphy is brought back to life, a soul inside a destructive cyborg body.  Back in the eighties, we were all about cyborgs.

I went to watch or rent most of the the sci-fi films of the eighties and this one peaked my interest.  The first RoboCop was very enjoyable, but the two that followed got progressively worse.   The third one stunk to high heaven.  I held my nose walking away from the third one.  The writing was awful, the acting was awful.  I also didn't care for the political anti-capitalism message that kept being driven into the ground.  The message was there in the first installment, but the message kept getting hammered and hammered into the ground.  As for evil capitalism, it won out in the end. This particular anti-capitalism movie made a bundle at the box office.

RoboCop was a cyborg Dirty Harry who dealt justice to the criminals of future Detroit.  There was a glitch though, RoboCop was regaining pieces of his memory, haunted by images of moments from his past human life.  If only those producing could have laid politics aside and told a deeper/human story.  Instead, they chose to preach.  Heck, they could have made their political point better if they had simply told a better tale.  There was so much potential for this concept and they blew it time and time again. 
There was a time when I thought the basic story concept could have gone as far as The Terminator franchise.  Peter Weller portrayed a unique character, there were places to go, but those writing and directing chose not to go.

So I heard they are remaking a new RoboCop that's to be released in 2014.  It looks like a great cast, but I have my doubts if it will be any good.  I saw the new RoboCop outfit.  It looks a lot like the BATMAN suit minus the bat ears.  I think the original costume is better than the new one they've created.  The original suit stands the test of time.  It's still a futuristic design twenty three years later.  Like the suit, will the new RoboCop movie won't be able to surpass - let alone live up to the original RoboCop?  Star studded cast or not, I might just wait till it comes out on Netflix till I watch it.  I've been burned by the franchise before.
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