Monday, April 29, 2013

she's so unusual

I didn't really care much for what was playing on the radio in the '80's when I was in my 20's.  I really didn't care for much 'pop'.  I was still listening to Jackson Browne, The Who, Warren Zevon...still looking back in my rear view mirror to the seventies I guess.  I was listening to LPs of people I liked.  I did pick up listening to Dire Straits (a lot of Dire Straits), REM,  U2 and the Indigo Girls along the way in the '80's.  I was wearing out old cassettes of my faves.   My car radio wasn't tuned to AM or FM much back then.

There was this one unusual pop girl that caught my attention.  Her style was just as unusual as her attire.  Her voice was incredible.  Even though she was covered with all that paint, she had this quirky unusual kind of beauty that matched that quirky beautiful voice of hers.

Back in the day I never had a massive record collection.  I bought albums that I knew I was going to listen to ~ albums I knew that I was going to wear out.  When I first experienced her All Through The Night on MTV (back when it was Music TV), I went out and bought her debut album She's So Unusual (1983).  I wanted to see what else she had to offer.

Some of those songs were just not to my cup of tea, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and I'll Kiss You and When You Were Mine.  Yet I enjoyed and still enjoy Time After Time and All Through The Night.  Most of her songs were well written, wonderfully executed and fun to listen to.  Every now and again, a pop star surprises me.
Today, most of the paint is gone.  She's 30 years older now.  Even so, she's still an unusually beautiful woman with an unusually beautiful voice.  She wasn't just a hit of 1983 - but still a hit with me here in 2013.

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