Monday, April 22, 2013

The Welch's Grape Juice Conspiracy

Growing up in a family with six kids, Mom had to make things last.  Throughout my childhood, every time I was served Welch's Grape Juice (not the frozen canned concentrate), it had been watered down to make last.  For years I thought that that was how you were to drink it.  Mom taught us to put about two fingers of Welch's juice at the bottom of the glass, two teaspoons of sugar, add water and ice.  It turned the juice into something that tasted something more like Kool-Aid.

One day when I was a teenager, I went to the fridge for something to drink.  There was a bottle of Welch's grape juice.  I thought to myself, "I wonder what this taste like straight?"  Oh my, what an blissful experience.  From that day forward I never diluted and sweetened that stuff again.  I drank it straight and from that day forward, Welch's grape juice never lasted long around our house after that.

Years after I married Gina, she remarked that she had the same experience growing up.  Her mom diluted the juice for her kids too.  I get the feeling that mom and dad were drinking it straight all along.
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