Friday, August 2, 2013

It's F.R.E.E.

My dad made this sign for FREE House in the 1970's before we became Christian Brothers.   I don't remember if he was asked to make it or not.  He probably just went out to his shop on Saturday afternoon and made it out of unrequested kindness, wood scraps and left over paint.

I only recall this sign hanging outside at our small College Street location across from the Gadsden Public Library.  The little house served as our fellowship house for about a year after Emory Boggs had been killed.  There's a vacant lot where our little house once stood.

Emory called it FREE House
when we opened the doors at our first store front location on South 5th Street. There's an acronym involved, F.R.E.E stood for Free Relationship Eternally Enduring.   Emory had a large quantity of color flyers  printed as well as some large buttons with 'One Way or The Other' art on it to advertise God's FREE VACATION.

We had called our our fellowship Free House for a long time.  Even when we became Christian Brother's Association and the coffeehouse was renamed Christian Brother's Coffee House... I remained to call it 'Free House'.  It wasn't until we moved into our final location on Broad Street that we all got on the same page and call it 'SKYLIGHT'.

FREE House Flyer Emory had printed

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