Thursday, October 30, 2014

most memorable halloween

I don't remember the year but I'm pretty sure it was 1972, during my first year of junior high school.  It was the last time I went trick-or-treating.  Kids my age were still going door to door for the fun and candy of it.

My brother Brook owned a MGB that he tooled around in back in those days.  It was a fun ride...when it was running.  Brook seemed to always be working on it.  A rusty toolbox always at ready in the yard, next to where the car was usually parked, because the these foreign jobs always needed the work.

The car was running that October night. My littlest sisters Cindy and Florrie took the passenger seat. There was no backseat to the MGB, so I happily got to perch up on the back of the car, with only my legs in the vehicle to keep the rest of me with the vehicle.  The atmosphere of that early Fall evening was cool  and clear...the air was perfect!

Brook drove us all around the mountain neighborhoods that night. The ride was more enjoyable than the stops that evening.  Brook usually had his 8-track going, but tonight it was just the sounds of that night.  I remember the sound of that MGB motor purring around curves and down the straights, up and down hills, what an awesome ride!  I was looking down on the road, over their heads, over the windshield.  It was a great view all around as dusk turned to night.

I guess it was 9:30 that neighborhoods started getting darker, as people started turning off their porch lights - to indicate it was time for all munchkins and goblins to go home.  Our last stop had been on a hill.  Brook took the emergency brake off and the little car rolled back a little just before the engine started.  The cold seemed to come now that the neighborhood lights were going out.  Riding home in the darkness, running beneath the occasional street lamp, feeling the chill, and knowing that we were all homeward bound. It was my last time out on Halloween night as a boy.  It was the best!
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