Monday, September 21, 2009

dixie cream

I don't remember when it was, but there used to be a Dixie Cream Shop here in Etowah County - sometime in the 1960's. I remember finding a Dixie Cream Shop when Gina and I first got married and moved to Bowling Green, KY. I had no idea at the time that the franchise was still around. It's still going after 80 years, only not around these parts.

I really enjoyed going by Dixie Cream, picking up some doughnuts between the years of 90 and 96. I believe the Bowling Green location is still up there. It was a whole in a wall joint then. I would compare Dixie Cream to Krispy Kreme. I really ought not to eat doughnuts. I am a type II diabetic - but the temptation is too great if I am ever around a hot and fresh plain glazed doughnut. It's a good thing that the nearest Krispy Kreme is in Birmingham, AL which is 1 hour away. The nearest Dixie Cream is five hours away. I would be on dialysis or dead by now if they were closer

By the way, next time you are at a KrispyKreme, do not buy the fancy icing coated or filled doughnuts. Take my word for it. Order a box of freshly made plain glazed doughnuts. That stuff is to die for. I mean that quite literally.
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