Friday, September 25, 2009


All who know me know that I love the drive-in. It takes me back to a time when dad would load the station wagon with kids and go see a family movie like Around The World In Eighty Days, Busy Bodies, and Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines. It's also where we saw most of the new Disney releases of that day such as The Absent Minded Professor, Son of Flubber and The Monkey's Uncle. I don't recall my dad going to but one in door movie. Maybe it's because he was on crutches and that the drive-in offered easier access.

On into the late sixties and early seventies, I found myself tagging along with my older brother and his friends to see horror movies and western movies at the drive-ins.

The Rainbow Drive-In was gone by the eighties and The Rebel Drive-In still showed some B movies. I'd often venture to the movies during that time by myself. It was strange to be at a theater with few cars in the lot. I remember it was especially eerie when I saw American Werewolf of London there. The Rebel was kind of a creepy but cool place to watch a horror movie alone.

Gina can tell you, I never lost my enjoyment of the drive-in. I am glad that she and the girls enjoy it as well. Not long after we were married we found a drive-in just down the road from Bowling Green, in Franklin, KY. We would often drive down the road on a Friday night to catch a double feature. It was during that time that we noticed most of the patrons sitting outside of their cars - a drive-in tailgate experience. We went and bought some lawn chairs and a jam box and joined the fun.

Drive-ins are not quite a thing of the past, but for a baby-boomer like me, the experience bring back a lot of memories of a simpler time. I am glad that there are still drive-ins in these parts. My little girls are avid fans like me and I am glad that drive-ins are around so they too can enjoy the experience.

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