Sunday, September 13, 2009

tales of terror

Tonight I am watching Tales of Terror (1963) on Hulu.

Back in the early to mid seventies, Jamey Moore and my brother Brooky would let me tag along with them to the drive-in. We'd usually go see spaghetti westerns or American International or Hammer films. Rainbow Drive-In was still open during those days, but we usually frequented Rebel Drive-In in Attalla.

It was during one of these nights that I watched Tales of Terror (based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe) for the first time. This movie is the handy work of B-Movie master Roger Corman. Back then it was common for movies to be brought back time and time again to the big screen. When ever a new horror flick would be released, they'd usually resurrect an older cult classic.

To me, horror movies just don't seem the same when watched in a theater. I always enjoyed watching them at drive-ins.
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