Monday, November 2, 2009

the ghosts of Halloweens past

Gina and I took our six year old Kelsey out on Halloween night. Katie is now a young teenager and spent the evening with other 13 year old girls partying the way young 13 year old girls party - pizza, games, silliness and giggling.

I painted a clown face on Kelsey's small features Saturday evening. She's a beautiful little girl and made for a sweet little clown. Gina manned the wheel and we hit four 'Trunk or Treat' events at churches. We also drove down some neighborhoods and did some Trick or Treating the old fashioned way. I enjoyed walking down the streets in the night holding my little giddy girl's hand. She was so excited and enjoyed every minute of the evening. This was the part of the evening that I enjoyed the most.

True, a kid can score big at Trunk or Treats - but Trick or Treating is so much more fun. Trunk or Treats are safer - but Halloween just isn't quite the way that it used to be when I was a kid. I remember all my siblings venturing out around the neighborhood going door to door. It was a different experience.

We used to just venture out on foot until Brook started driving. This enabled the young Finlayson ghouls to cover more territory. We'd Trick or Treat until porch lights went out. We'd keep going until all the light available came from street lights and the full moon above.

The last Halloween I remember going out to Trick or Treat as a kid - we all went around the neighborhood piled in and onto Brook's MG (Maggie) convertible. I guess I was in seventh grade. I was dressed as a vampire - feeling for certain that it was my last haunt.

Good times.

Now Halloween is stretched across the county as well as an entire week. Trunk or Treats during the week - even on Sunday! I guess if I were a kid, I would have liked that idea. I know that my father would not have approved. On Sunday!?! There is something missing today, then again, maybe it's just that I am a grownup. My child enjoyed each moment like I used to - that's all that matters.

Good times.
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