Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hey Sarge....

Bobby, you mentioned that you also enjoyed Combat! as a kid.  There is a toy company, Dragon, that makes the best looking sixthscale figures I've ever seen.  They make the most historically accurate, and most articulate action figure around.  Not too long ago they came out with an action figure by the name of 'Sarge'.  Now, I'm sure the company can't come out and call him Sgt.  Saunders, but it's him all right.  They also packaged set  of Sarge with Lieutenant Handley and called it King Company.

Like the Wayne figure, it's another toy that I would have treasured when I was a boy.  The only thing is, these action figures are just as expensive as they are cool.  You and I know good and well that this figure wasn't made for kids today because kids today don't know who Sargent Vincent Saunders is!  I spotted the Sarge figure for $100.00 on Ebay   I can't dish out that kind of money - but if I were a young again - I'd be spending my whole Summer mowing yards and washing windows.

Again I ask, why didn't somebody make these back then?  I used to think that all the best toys were made back in the good old days.  Nope. There's apparently some great toys out there today - I JUST CAN'T FREAKING AFFORD THEM!!!
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