Sunday, April 18, 2010

old men on a mission

Back in 1978, my brother Brook asked me if I'd like to go see a movie with some friends.  It was a movie entitled The Wild Geese.  It wasn't long before Jamey Moore and John Alred showed up at our front door wearing trench coats and driving caps turned sideways to emulate wearing berets.  Needless to say, the attempt was a fail - but we got a good laugh.

I can't say that this was a great movie, but for some reason, I can't help but say it's a personal favorite.  This was one of the last times I recall seeing Richard Burton on the big screen.  At the time Roger Moore was still playing James Bond.  I am sure the movie might have been disappointment to those going to see the film expecting 007.

The move was chock full of great actors, but the character that I enjoyed the most was played by Jack Watson.  Jack's character, Sandy Young, was hired on as a drill instructor for the old mercenaries.  Sandy wasn't asked to go on the actual mission but he insisted on going.

Jack Watson is a familiar face to my generation, having starred in so many British films.  No wonder he did such a great job in The Wild Geese, during World War II he was a physical training instructor in the Royal Navy.  He looked the part because he was the part.  Watson is one of the main reasons I like this picture.

The movie is memorable on so many levels.  It had a quirky theme song that I will never forget.  Good show wot!
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