Saturday, May 14, 2011

what they should taste like

This looks nothing like the one I just went to.  It's just a cool photo.
"Well, where do we eat?"  My sisters Irene and Cindy were with me returning from Birmingham early this afternoon.  Cindy said she wanted to cover our lunch because we were doing her a favor by driving down to the big city to look at a VW bug that's for sell down there.

We decided that Trussville was the best place to stop because of the variety of culinary choices.  Usually when I'm in the area with my wife and kids, we opt for the Milo's across the street from Whataburger.  They really like Milo's.  I'd never eaten at Whataburger, so I mentioned that we try them out instead.  I had seen the restaurant up on the hill on countless occasions, but had never had one.

We decided to dine-in.  I took my first bite and my mind shot back four decades to my youth.  This is the taste of the burgers I used to get at burger joints when I was a kid.  This is the way fast food burgers ought to taste.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am not a fast food hamburger fan.  Fast food burgers are just a means to eat, just forget about taste.  I was pretty impressed with Whataburger.  I had forgotten how fast-food burgers used to taste and wonder why they aren't as good as they ought.  Jacks, McDonald's, Burger King burgers are so mediocre.  The Whataburger is old school goodness.

Now I'm not saying that Whataburger is the greatest thing on earth, but that it's the kind of burger that we should expect from franchises today.  It just took one bite of that sandwich and my mind immediately went back in time.  My mouth experienced a flavor I had not had in years.  Just try it, it will come back to you.

I will be back.
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