Saturday, November 19, 2011

Digger's Chigger

Last night I was rummaging through old color slides that I inherited from my Uncle Pat.   I ran across this great shot of Brooky back in July of 1970 - his Senior year at Gadsden High.  I've always have loved VW's since I was a kid.  This was the bug that won me over.  These days I tool around in a '73 Superbeetle.  As much as I love my car, I wish I had an older model like the one pictured here.

This particular car was named Digger's Chigger.  Back in the day Brook wore an Austrailian wide brimmed hat known as a 'bush hat', 'slouch hat' or a
'digger'.  A 'chigger' of course  is a little red bug that bites.  Hense the name Digger's Chigger.
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