Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Voyage to the Bottom of the Final Frontier

While the old television show Star Trek boldly explored the final frontier, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea boldly explored the second to last frontier.  Both shows experienced all kinds of unexpected adventures, life forms, and dangers. There was one really cool thing that Admiral Nelson had that Captain Kirk didn't have - THE STINGRAY!  It was also known as the FLYING SUB / FS-1.  What kid didn't experienced a thrill when The Stingray departed from the docking bay of her mother-ship the SEAVIEW and burst from the surface of the ocean. WOW!  Seeing this sea to air - air to sea vessel in action was always an exciting thing for young eyes to behold.  Of course Kirk got to beam people here and there - but nothing aboard the Star Ship ENTERRISE had anything as fascinating as The Stingray.

The two science fiction series were very similar.  Wouldn't it have been great for the two networks to have surprised their audiences by swapping casts for an episode?  Both shows had far fetched story lines, it would've been great to find an Admiral James T. Kirk and the rest of his crew mysteriously transported across time, space and networks to the bridge of the Seaview on ABC.  Likewise, we'd find on NBC, Captain Nelson commanding the bridge aboard the Enterprise.  I'm sure that would've set television audiences for a loop, with decades worth of discussions for fans of both shows.

Surely I'm not the only geek to consider the though.  My mind works in mysterious ways.
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