Friday, November 4, 2011

does your dog bite?

My first experience with Peter Sellers was in Dr. Strangelove.  It was an apocalyptic dark comedy in which Sellers played many different rolls.  It was clear that he was a comic genius.  My generation went to the theaters in droves to see Peter play the French Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau.  You couldn't go to a Panther movie without experiencing tears of laughter.  We all did our best to impersonate the bungling inspector and repeat our favorite lines afterward.  I still do to this day.

There have been several comedians come along and try to fill his shoes, but have failed miserable.  There is no one like Peter Sellers.  There is no one who will ever replace his sense of humor or perfect comedic timing.  Only Peter could play Clouseau.  No will ever be able to follow him.

My favorites: Dr. Strangelove, Pink Panther movies, and Being There.

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