Monday, April 16, 2012

tic toc

I was creating a post for my long journey blog when I found a graphic from The Time Tunnel TV show.  It was a short lived show that I really loved and hated to see vanish.  The show was about two time traveling scientist who threw themselves into their work.   They had been working on a time machine that was in danger of being defunded.  These two men ventured into time, traveling back to disastrous historic event to disastrous event.   The first episode they found themselves aboard The Titanic before it hit the iceberg.  Another episode took them to Pearl Harbor before the Japanese arrived.  They always arrived prior to disaster and would try to warn the people of that time of the upcoming disaster.  I don't recall they were ever successful.  Maybe it was a good thing that the plug was pulled on the project.

It was a great show for an eight year old boy's eyes to behold.  I haven't seen The Time Tunnel since I was a kid and wonder if this grown up kid would still think it's great.  I like time travel stories.  I know that somewhere in time, that we've all wondered what it would be like to have to  have the opportunity to go back back.

Though I don't think tampering with events of history a wise thing, it's fun to ponder.  I think if God had wanted us to go back in time, He would've made us with forward and reverse knobs.  Hey, wait a minute...what's this?
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