Saturday, April 21, 2012

we loved this man

Long before some members among  my generation decided that people over thirty were uncool and didn't understand them, we had this sweet old fellow.  His name was Art Linkletter and everyone of all ages loved him.  I remember watching his television show called Kids Say The Darndest Things.  Art Linkletter could take your average everyday run of mill backyard puddle stomping kid and ask him/her a question (I happen to know that little girls like to stomp in puddles too).  He'd just ask the questions and let the kid answer and philosophize with their small imaginative minds.

Art Linkletter had a kind and honest face, the kind of face and presence that any kid couldn't help but trust.  I guess you could say that Art was right up there with Red Skelton, Walt Disney and Santa Claus.  I was just a wee tike when I was first introduced to that man who appeared on our old Zenith in black and white.  At that time I was too little to understand what was so funny about what the children were saying.  I did  appreciated the fact that that nice grownup seemed to take so much interest in what us kids had to say.

Bill Cosby came along years later and tried to revive the show.  Bill is a friendly fellow, but no one will ever be able to replace the place in our hearts for Art.

I wonder how many people today remember him today?  He was a big star in his time whose name was known in every household.  He was a big star that seemed so down to Earth.  Not many television or movie stars today would I care to have come into our home for a visit.  Art Linkletter was an exception.  He was a super star that most families wouldn't have minded joining them at the supper table.

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