Friday, December 7, 2012

holly jolly burl

As a kid, Burl Ives seemed to be a fellow who had been around since the beginning of time.  His presence seemed to be everywhere, on movies, on television, on vinyl.   I remember my dad expressed admiration for Burl Ives multiple talents.  He was a big presence on the screen, but it was his singing that stood out the most.  He was a genuine troubadour with an unforgettable voice.  As a folk musician, Burl Ives music was loved by young and old alike.

I remember a record album in our stack of records of his folk songs.  I believe I listened to that the most.  Songs included Blue Tail Fly and Robin Red Breast.  Most folks will remember the animation Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer that included a snowman likeness of Burl, voiced by Burl himself.  Two songs were featured on the cartoon that became holiday classics: Silver and Gold and Holly Jolly Christmas.

Those two songs embedded Burl Ives in our Christmas celebration ever since.  People may no longer recognize his face or name, but they are sure to remember that silver and gold voice.

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