Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yesterday's Sunday

For some reason I woke up this morning with this song from Sunday mornings past playing in my head.  My dad was more into Inspirational Music, but for some reason Gospel Music would be coming from my dad's radio next to his bed every Sunday morning.  The program he listened to always started with the Blackwood Brothers song 'Give the World a Smile'.  It was an upbeat song, but year after year Sunday after Sunday I grew weary of it.   It was this very song that ingrained within me a distaste for Gospel Music.

I found the song on YouTube and just played it again.  It's been at least three decades since I last heard it.  I am no longer weary of it.  It's still not pleasing to my ears, but It made me think of Sunday mornings of long ago.  The song made me remember that radio on which my dad would listen to music and preachers.  The song made me think of dad...those days when he was in the next room getting ready for church any given Sunday morning.  I wish I could walk across the hall and say good morning to him.

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