Monday, January 13, 2014

not your average joe

Joe Piscopo is a multi-talented and funny fellow.  I used to look forward to his skits on Saturday Night Live, especially the ones with Eddie Murphy.  Those two guys made a great comedic duo.  Eddie quickly found his place on the big screen when he left SNL, but Joe didn't seem to catch hold of his shooting star.  Joe was one of the most talented cast members to come from the show.  Was sketch comedy and stand up all he wanted to do?  Maybe he never got the right vehicle for a career on the big screen.  Maybe he doesn't really care for acting.  Did his bout with cancer in the early eighties change his direction?  I always wanted to see Joe Piscopo do some more acting.

He did a great job playing opposite Michael Keaton in Johnny Dangerously (1984).  I remember going to see Joe in Dead Heat (1988) in which flat-lined.  In 1986 Joe also starred in a Brian de Palma comedy with Danny DeVito in Wise Guys.  Other than Johnny Dangerously, most of the films Joe starred in are forgettable.  Other very talented SNL alumni, for some unexplainable reason, didn't make a successful move to movies as did previous alumni.  I'm a fan of Phil Hartman and Dana Carvey, Victoria Jackson and John Lovitz...those guys can made me laugh.  They just didn't translate to the big screen as much as I had hoped.  Phil did go on to play a wonderful role that suited him in the sitcom Radio News.  Lovitz has done some good supporting rolls ~ but not much playing the lead.

The thing is, I still like Joe.  I don't see him much anymore.  Truth is, Joe does his own thing.  He never cared for the Hollywood game. He likes doing stand-up and grateful for all that did come his way.  I don't think he ever saw himself as a movie star, but enjoyed just being a part, he loves those supporting character rolls.  He's a guy that doesn't have to have all the limelight~ he just enjoys being in the cast ~ a part of the team. 

I'd still like to see him in a good roll.  I know he's big screen worthy.  I've seen what he's got ~ more than a lot of other joes up there on the screen.
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