Sunday, January 12, 2014

Please can I can I?

My dad would be at the wheel of our the Kingswood Estate station-wagon as we made our annual trips to Columbia, South Carolina to visit with kinfolk.  Whenever dad needed to pull over for a fill-up, I'd ask him stop at a Gulf Service Station.  There was a time when Gulf handed out a free Wonderful World of Disney magazine to children of their patrons.  I loved these magazines because I loved anything Walt Disney.  The publication was chock full of colorful photos, illustrations, articles and activities to keep my mind occupied on a long road trip.  Most of the time, if convenient, dad would comply and pull over at a Gulf.  I was terribly disappointed several times when dad would pull over only to find out the station had run out of their supply.  There was a time when Gulf started selling them and dad and mom weren't about to spring the money for it.  It was fun while it lasted.  
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