Monday, April 6, 2009

angel in my pocket

Andy Griffith left Mayberry in 1969 to pursue a three movie deal with Universal Pictures. His first project was this move - Angel In My Pocket. The movie was a comedy that didn't do so well at the box office (for obvious reasons). Andy Griffith wasn't happy with this production either. That's why he backed out of the deal with Universal and didn't do the other two films.

I remember the family going to this movie when it came out. Dad and Mom loaded the station-wagon with the all six Finlayson kids and we hit a drive-in. Most of the movies we went to see as a family were at the Rainbow Drive-in on Rainbow Drive. I recall only one movie that the entire family went into a theater. It's cheaper to entertain a carload of Finlaysons rather than a row load of Finlaysons. I remember enjoying the movie as a kid - but recall it was odd seeing Andy as a preacher and not a sheriff.

Even though this movie was a disappointment to Andy Griffith - it would have been nice to see him star in other rolls during that post-Mayberry period. Who doesn't like ol' Andy?

This kind of movie is typical of the kind of family entertainment coming out of Hollywood during the 60's. The movies I recall that were "family" oriented were mild comedies at best.

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