Wednesday, April 22, 2009

party for cleef

I got my RSVP's back from dead cowboy actors, Gary Cooper, Randolf Scott, Walter Brennan, and Glenn Ford. Lee Van Cleef is going to be the guest of honor. My old friend Donnie Obermiller is driving down from Memphis to join the festivities. I think Jose' can make it - he's been wanting me to introduce Lee to him. Nows his chance.

As most of you know, Lee Van Cleef played a bad guy in Cooper's High Noon. Gary Cooper and Cleef go back a long ways. I've decorated the dining room to look like an old Western saloon. All the dead cowboys said they'd show up to smoke a cigar and give a toast to the guest of honor. I guess everyone will be talking about cowboy movies that night. It's no coat & tie affair - just wear some comfortable duds. I've invited all of my guest to bring their sidearms. We're going to do some target practicing off the back porch before the sun goes down. Walter insisted that he'll do all the cooking on the grill. Randolf insisted on bringing the steaks. Roy Rogers called and invited himself - said he was going to bring his guitar and give us some cowboy music by the fire. I expect the party will run late into the night.
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