Tuesday, April 28, 2009

George Kennedy

George Kennedy has been around for quite sometime. He is a WWII veteran who got a start in showbiz being the military consultant for the old Phil Silvers show. His brawny looks and large stature got him rolls in all the popular TV westerns in the 50's. One thing led to another and he was playing opposite John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Paul Newman, and Clint Eastwood in major motion pictures. George Kennedy worked steadily throughout the 60's and into the seventies. He played in a lot of the disaster flicks of the 1970's. George starred in every one of the Airport movies. There's something about that guy that is pleasant to see on the big screen. He's played the baddest bad guys and the nicest of good guys. George Kennedy is still working. He tried to retire once but I guess he enjoys his craft too much. The last time I recall seeing him on the big screen was in the Naked Gun comedies with Leslie Nelson in the 80's and 90's. He is a very familiar face to the citizens of Boomerville.
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