Wednesday, October 21, 2009

more noodles

Last Sunday evening I drove down to the office to piddle around. We had canceled out Internet and Dish subscription at the house. I wanted something to do, so I sat behind my monitor and watched a spaghetti western that I had never seen at There were three Sabata movies made. Lee Van Cleef starred in the first and last installments. The one available on Hulu was the second movie, Adios Sabata (1971), starring Yul Brynner. In no way does this movie measure up to Leone's Westerns - but it was enjoyable. The Sabata movies are quirky westerns. Think of them as James Bond cowboy movies.

I ran across an interesting tidbit. Get this, Lee Van Cleef could not take on 'Adios Sabata' because he had already signed on to play a role that Yul Brynner made famous 'Magnificent Seven'. That's right, Lee Van Cleef was playing Chris Adams in The Magnificent Seven Ride (1972) while Yul Brynner was playing Cleef's character Sabata.
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