Wednesday, August 3, 2011

give me some sugar

Being a child of a father who had been paralyzed by polo, it was a very big day for the Finlayson family.  I remember being packed into the car and driven to my elementary school, R.A. Mitchell.  Dad had had polio since he was a young boy.  He came from a time when many children were afflicted by the disease.  I have often wondered what was running through his head when he was watching his children line up with all the other mountain kids for that long awaited cure.

I remember holding the sugar cube in my hand.  I was young but knew there was medicine inside.  This was supposed to keep me from walking on crutches like my Dad had done all his life.  I put it in my mouth and chomped down on it's crunchy sweetness.  I don't remember any strange taste or feel any aftereffect. I was just glad there wasn't a needle involved in the delivery of the serum.  I just took my lump and went home.

What a day though.  I'm sure Dad was relieved with a wonderful hope.  Westbrook's children would never have to experience what he had.

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