Monday, August 15, 2011

truth, justice, and the American way

What red blooded American kid didn't dream of being Superman as a kid?  Did we not all? Did we not all somewhere in our childhood run around the house with a towel clipped to our shirt - pretending to be the Man of Steel?

He's an humble guy that just has a heart to serve his fellow man. Superman always tries to do the right thing.  He's the most powerful superhero ever drawn, and all he ever does is protect and serve mankind.

I still like this guy though I rarely read a comic book of his. Does he still stand for what he once stood for?  I don't know.  I read a few months ago that Superman renounced his United States citizenship to become a global citizen.  Is 'Truth, Justice, & the American Way' now passe'?  If Superman has lost his way, maybe he's just reflecting how America has lost her way too.
Kelsey circa '06.  She's still into super heroes and is in fact a super kid.
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