Saturday, August 13, 2011

Most of the stores on Broad Street are participating in the Downtown Gadsden Sidewalk Sale today and tomorrow.  Stores were open after 5 which meant I could actually poke around town while the stores were open after I closed up my store.  I rarely buy comic books.  It's kind of strange that I don't because I've always enjoy drawing cartoons. It was after all Marvel artists who were influential in me drawing in the first place.

I happened across some Nick Fury magazines.  They sold me three vintage comics for a very affordable price.  I don't have to have 'like new',  so I guess that's why I got a good deal.  I am posting this picture because it's one of the coolest comic book covers I've ever seen.

I also purchased a comic entitled What If Sgt. Fury Fought World War Two in Outer Space (1979).  How quirky can you get?  I had to buy it.  I'm sure Marvel was trying to cash in on the big success of Star Wars.   I asked the guy how much and he said "a dollar".  SCORE!
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