Sunday, October 20, 2013

80's music video fave

 MTV (Music Television) launched August 1, 1981.  I guess the idea of music television had a good ten year run.  I watched a lot of music videos throughout the 1980's.  I watched videos on MTV, SupterStation WTBS's Night Tracks, and USA Network's Night Flight.  I favored Night Flight because it showed a lot unusual music videos and short films the other programs didn't show.

I loved the idea of music videos because I've always been a visual kind of guy.  I'd almost always imagined imagery when listening to songs off the AM or LP.  I was drawn to it because it was something I always envisioned anyway.  It was neat seeing visual interpretations of music.  There was a brief time when a lot of really creative videos were being released.

Even though I watched hundreds of music videos, only a handful are worth noting.  One of those videos is Every Breath You Take (1987) by The Police.  By '87, most music videos were not worth the time.  Every Breath You Take grabbed my attention.  Great song - great video.   I love the simplicity of production.  The black and white imagery of the band was very dynamic, helping to visually drive the rhythm of the song.  Something about music videos, if the song sucked, the music video won't make the song any better.  Every Breath You Take is a solid piece of work and stands without the video.  This video is fun to watch and remains one of my favorites.

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