Saturday, October 26, 2013


His had the most beautiful male voice of my generation.  Not only could Harry Nilsson sing, but he could write.  His talent, his skill, so incredibly unique, that his greatest fans were The Beatles.  His music was everywhere, but not many people seem to remember him until you name one of his unforgettable songs.  His songs, his voice could take your mind to wonderful places.  I marveled then and I marvel now at his lyrics and that voice that seemed to soar like a magic kite on a windless day.  How did he do that?

Harry went against convention.  Yes, he delivered chart topping pop songs, but he wrote and recorded music that he liked. One never knew what kind of song he'd sing next.  He was so gifted, so unique, no one will ever match what he had.  I can't explain his music, because he was a fellow with an unbounded talent
I just can't explain his vast talent, you'll just have to go out and explore him for yourself.

Harry, you are gone but you will never be forgotten.

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