Saturday, October 12, 2013

fix-it shops

Last time I went to a genuine fix-it shop was in Bowling Green, KY back in the early nineties.  I have an old Hamilton Beach three motor milkshake blender that needed a new cord.  It didn't take'm long.  They kept it about a week so they could give the old classic a once over to make sure it was in good working order.

This past week I went to the little vacuum and sewing machine repair shop downtown Gadsden.  I had a Brother sewing machine that is my 10 year old daughter's pride and joy. It's a plastic sewing machine that's a little over a year old and outside the warranty.  I told Kelsey I'd see what I could do to get it fixed.  I half expected the repairman to tell me that it wouldn't be worth fixing.  He opened it up and checked under the hood.  He tinkered with it for about five minutes and handed it back to me.  "She's good to go!"

I've got other items items that need fix'n.  I've got my dad's old drill that I'd love to keep using.  It must be about 50 years old by now.  It's just a paper weight these days.  The motor works, but it sure makes a racket when you pull the trigger.   I've got some bike wheels  on my daughter's bike that need truing.  I'd like to have my dad's old watch ticking again.

I try to mend items in my shop, but I lack the know-how when it comes to fixing a lot of things. I'm pretty good with glue, bracing and screws, but not much when it comes to electrical things or things with cogs and gears. There are items that I've let go, tossed or given away, and replaced that I just didn't know how to repair.  
Man I wish we had a full service fix-it shop around here.

We all know what happened to fix-it shops. Manufacturers started producing items that were disposable. Most of the electronics that we buy today are cheaper to buy a new one than repair the old one.  
More and more plastic items on the shelves.  Less and less need for a fellow with the know-how to keep the old stuff working. 

A few fix-it shops are scattered about, but I'm afraid they'll be gone for good.

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