Wednesday, May 5, 2010

pop to cop

Bobby Sherman was a big pop star back in the late sixties and early seventies.  I remember one of my older sister's Irene being a fan of Bobby's during that time.  Bobby learned out to play thirteen instruments through out his teens.  In 1964 He sang at a local Hollywood party and was picked up by an agent that got him a part on the show 'Shindig' (1964-1966).  Bobby then got opportunities to be on The Dating Game, The FBI, and The Monkees.  He later got his own show, Getting Together,  that spun from another teen pop show, The Partridge Family.

Bobby Sherman's fan site states that Bobby never minded his down-time from acting and touring.  He enjoyed being a dad.  He trained to be an EMT back in 1988 and is now with the L.A. Police Department  as a specialist officer.   Bobby is responsible for teaching thousands of cadets first-aid and CPR.   Bobby has said that medical rescue work and teaching is the best life experience and training that he could ever have.

It makes me wonder how many middle aged women out there have feigned a faint in order to be resuscitated by their old teen age heart throb - Officer Bobby Sherman. 
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