Sunday, May 23, 2010

on tiptoe with Tiny Tim

Our parents didn't get Tiny Tim...then again...neither did my generation.  Tiny Tim was a curiosity though.  Though he'd already obtained a cult following, it was Rowan & Martin's Laugh In that made Tiny Tim a household name.

Many are familiar with his version of Tip-Toe Through The Tulips.  I posted another performance (above) of his as well. He had a comprehensive knowledge of popular pre-rock music in a time when rock music had taken the stage.  Tim was playing the big gigs reviving the old songs of generations past.

Tim was a quirky fellow, and yet, a very traditional kind of fellow in real life.  

"He was born to a Polish Jewish mother and a Lebanese Maronite Catholic father, and was raised in his father's faith. After attending a Jack Wyrtzen rally, he reportedly became a devout evangelical Christian, but he died a faithful practicing Catholic.  On several of his records and interviews, he often proclaimed his devotion to Jesus." - Wikipedia

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