Sunday, May 30, 2010

we all loved art

When I was a little fella, Art Linkletter was a household word. At one time he had a different show airing on all three networks. He's the guy that brought the Hula-Hoop to the world's attention as well as Milton Bradley's 'Game of LIFE'.

Art had one of the longest marriages of any celebrity in America. He married Lois Foerster on November 25, 1935. They had five children together, and outlived three of them. Art spoke out against drugs after his daughter Diane committed suicide in 1969. He felt that LSD had played a part in her death and used all of his influence to urge children not to use drugs.

Like his good friend Walt Disney, Linkletter had a distinctive voice and a way with children.  Art had a lot of radio and television airtime, but I remember him most for interviews with children in 'Kids Say The Darndest Things'.
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