Tuesday, May 12, 2009

another funny lip cartoon

This is an entire show (25:32) SPACE ANGEL. It's a pretty good copy. I haven't seen Scott McLeod as Space Angel in well over thirty years. Like Clutch Cargo - each Space Angel story was divided into five short cliffhanger episodes. They were originally made to show Monday - Friday with the grand finale on Friday. The artwork is pretty good - but the animation was as low budget as a cartoon can get.

Space Angel was produced from 1962-64 and employed the same Syncro-Vox lip technique as Clutch Cargo. Syncro-Vox was a method in which combined moving images with static images. You might recall that comedian Conan O'brian used the same technique on his late night talk show.

Even though the animation is terrible - both shows have an appeal. By the way, the show predates Star Trek and notice how the the ship's engineer Gunner precedes Scotty of Star Trek. Both engineers are Scottish. I just read where it's Hal Smith that did Gunner's voice. If the name doesn't ring a bell then Otis Campbell (Andy Griffith's) will. Hal is most known for his role as Otis Campbell, Mayberry's town drunk. Hal did a lot of cartoon voice over work down through the years.

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